Widespread Toilet Backup in an Apartment Complex? Tree Roots May Be to Blame

Posted on: 9 January 2020

Running an apartment complex is a complex process that requires the ability to handle a broad array of different elements quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, many managers may run into a plumbing problem in which multiple toilets continually backup in their apartments. Thankfully, the root of this problem is usually just that: tree roots. And it can be easily managed with the help of toilet backup repair experts. 

Tree Roots and Toilets Don't Mix

Apartment complexes often possess a complex plumbing system that often all ends up flowing to the same septic tank. Unfortunately, these tanks are often a target for tree roots because they are filled with moisture. Roots naturally grow towards sources of moisture and will invade as many holes in a tank as possible. When this happens, a variety of issues are going to affect the plumbing system.

First of all, tree roots can cause punctures that make a sewage system leak. Even worse, they can clog up the outlet and cause multiple apartments to suffer from backed-up toilets. This health risk is something that cannot be tolerated by apartment managers. Thankfully, high-quality experts can help to manage this situation for them. 

Help Is Available

When tree roots work their way into the sewer system of an apartment complex, it is essential to take immediate steps to avoid problems. For example, some toilet backup repair services can use backhoes to uncover the potential problem in the septic tank and use the affected apartments as a guide to which line is likely to be affected. Once they identify where the roots have entered the tank, there are a few solutions.

For example, some plumbers forego the excavation and pour root-destroying chemicals in the line to clean them up. This process is usually a good choice if the roots are small and can be stymied before they become a real problem. However, the widespread complications caused by tree roots in an apartment complex plumbing system makes it likely that more extensive treatment methods may be necessary for this situation.

Thankfully, there are a large number of different experts who can help with this process. Apartment managers need to choose somebody whom they trust to do the right thing or to follow the best steps to properly destroy tree roots. In most cases, these experts have broad specialties but may also have more focused skills that make this process easier to handle.