3 Suggestions For Successful Outdoor Wedding Plans

Posted on: 27 January 2020

Are you in the midst of planning the perfect outdoor wedding? Do you have the dress picked out, the caterers paid for, and the music selected? In spite of how much time and effort has already been put into the planning, you may have forgotten or overlooked one critical aspect: where your guests will go when they need to relieve themselves. When thinking about your upcoming happy day, this is probably one of the last things that anyone wants to think about but it is also one of the most important. If your guests have nowhere to go, they may wind up leaving and not returning. Fortunately, you have some options. A few things to consider include:

Trailer rental: When thinking about a portable toilet rental, your mind may first be drawn to the common phone-booth-sized boxes that everyone is familiar with. However, there are more modern options. With the trailer option, your guests will be able to use actual flushing toilets and working sinks. The number of facilities in the trailer itself will depend upon your budget and the size of the trailer that you can rent but there will definitely be more than one stall available for your guests.

Tasteful curtaining: Whether you do go with the trailer or a standard portable toilet rental, you don't necessarily want these facilities to be in view all the time. Talk with your wedding planner about putting up temporary fabric walls or dividers around the toilet area. These may be nothing more than simple curtains on a basic frame or they could be elaborate folding screens of some kind. They could be wedding white or in the colors that you've picked out for your wedding. Regardless of their actual appearance, make sure to include a sign that indicates your guests need to go around/through the barriers if they need to use the toilet facilities.

Extra sanitation facilities: In addition to any portable toilet rental, you should also provide your guests with one or more handwashing stations. The same company that provides the toilets should also be able to provide these stations. They allow 4-6 people at a time to wash their hands, depending on the exact design, and they are perfect for guests who want something more than hand sanitizer to clean their hands. Even if you've opted for the trailer rental that comes with sinks, you may want an extra handwashing station so that people don't have to line up for the toilets when they just need to wash their hands.