Two Tips For People Who Are Renting A Roll-Off Dumpster For The First Time

Posted on: 23 June 2020

If you are cleaning out a building that has a huge amount of garbage in it, then the best way to deal with the disposal of this garbage would be to rent a roll-off dumpster from a sanitation company. If you end up doing this, you should take the tips below on board.

Clear out any debris in the area surrounding the spot where the dumpster will be unloaded

When people rent a roll-off dumpster for the first time, they will often make enough space for the dumpster but will then forget to clear out the debris from the area around the spot where they'll be putting this container. People normally make this mistake because they have rented wheel-free dumpsters in the past, that are usually removed from trucks and lowered into place with cranes. With these types of dumpsters, the truck does not have to be very close to the designated dumpster spot on the ground when it is dropping off this container, as the crane hoist can be extended several feet away from the truck itself.

However, because roll-off dumpsters have wheels and are rolled off the tracks of a tilting trailer truck and then guided onto the ground directly behind the vehicle (instead of being lifted and dropped into place) you must have enough room on the property for both the truck and the dumpster.

If you don't, the truck driver might either have to unload the dumpster whilst their vehicle is jutting out onto the road by the property (which could lead to a road collision) or they might have to come back and drop off the dumpster another time, after you have made some room for their vehicle on the property.

Do not overfill the dumpster

The roll-off dumpsters rented out by most sanitation companies have open tops. If the one you rent has this feature, then you must not give in to the temptation to overfill it. The reason for this is as follows; when you are finished filling this dumpster and the truck driver comes to collect it, they will need to attach it to their winch, tilt their trailer and then roll the dumpster upwards at an angle so that they can load it onto their vehicle. If you have given them back a dumpster that you've filled way past its capacity, gravity may cause the top layer of garbage in this tilted dumpster to go flying off it and to land either the truck trailer or the ground it is parked on. If it lands in the trailer, the truck driver will have to sanitize their vehicle, whilst if it lands on the ground, you will have to wash and tidy up the mess.

As such, if after renting this dumpster, you realize that you have way more garbage than you thought you did, and because of this, the receptacle ends up filling up faster than you expected it to, you must not overfill it but should instead ask the sanitation company to collect it and put another empty dumpster in its place.

For more tips, reach out to a roll-off dumpster service near you.