4 Things To Consider When Renting A Garbage Container

Posted on: 28 November 2022

Getting a garbage container is a great way to collect and dispose of trash from a renovation, spring cleaning, or landscaping project. If you need to get a garbage container for your residential project, choosing a waste container might feel like complicated and confusing task. So, how do you choose a reliable container? The following are things to consider when seeking garbage container rental services. 

1. Placement 

The area you choose to set up the container will determine your experience. You could be forced to go with the smallest size if you have limited space in your yard or driveway. Let the placement area guide you in selecting the right container size. You might also want to prepare the area. Ensure you've cleared all barriers and correctly measured the space to know the container size will fit in the available space. For some projects, this may mean moving vehicles and other structures to make enough room for a container. 

2. Determine the Rental Period 

The cost of renting a garbage container varies from company to company. The charges are mostly based on your desired rental period and container size. Depending on the length of your project, you'll want to determine the estimated rental period to know how much you'll pay for the service. Generally, the longer you need the container, the more you'll have to pay. You could also organize with the agency for various pick-up options if you plan on renting the container for a prolonged period. 

3. Know What Is Prohibited 

Garbage container rental agencies have specific guidelines that restrict clients from discarding certain items in the container. Hazardous items like gas, paint, car batteries, tires, biohazards, and chemicals are some of the common things prohibited. Ensure you understand the policies before using the container. Failure to adhere to the regulations could lead to penalties. It is also important to consult with the agency if you aren't sure about discarding a certain type of waste. 

4. Plan Early 

If you want everything to go smoothly when planning your project, consider organizing the delivery early. Don't wait until the last minute to place your order. The delivery period might also take longer than expected, which could delay your project. Planning early also allows you to prepare adequately and adjust your expectations to avoid inconveniences.

Garbage containers can be useful for a variety of projects. Use the tips above to help you determine an option that suits your needs.

For more information, contact a local company like FCC Environmental Services.