Upgrade the Restroom Facilities on a Large Construction Site

Posted on: 17 December 2020

Convenience and cleanliness may be two standards you recognize when accessing a portable toilet. If you usually rent a couple small construction toilets to accommodate your workers, but will be working on a high rise project in the next couple months, upgrade the restroom facilities and choose a maintenance plan that will keep the facilities sanitized.

Various Models And Placement Options

One or two toilets can be used to accommodate a dozen or so workers, but if you are going to be adding more manpower to complete the large job that is coming up, adding additional facilities and choosing a layout that will place units close to where people will be working will reduce downtime and minimize accidents that could occur from climbing up and down stairs or walking long distances on the ground level.

All toilets should be placed on a solid, permanent surface that won't be disrupted by machinery. Large units may feature individual stalls that are housed inside of a trailer or a vinyl-sided unit and individual construction toilets will be similar to the ones that you have already been using on construction sites. If your workers will be using elevators to access upper levels in a building that is being erected, place a grouping of toilets at ground level, near each elevator shaft.

Separate the toilets into groups and request that an equal amount are set up in each location that you have chosen. Use temporary fencing to barricade each grouping of toilets and hang signage within the building that is being constructed, to alert your employees to the location of each facility. 

Collection Tanks And A Pump Out And Sanitizing Service

Rental companies offer chemical toilets that each contain a collection tank that is necessary for the confinement of liquid and solid waste. Tank sizes will vary and you can choose larger reservoirs that will minimize how often the tanks need to be pumped out. During the pump out phase, a restroom service truck will need to be driven onto the property where the restrooms are located.

A large hose unit that provides a vacuum suction will be used to collect waste from each tank. A sanitizing service involves using an alternate hose that will spray the inside of each toilet and add a sanitizing agent. You can set up a pump out and sanitizing service for the same time each week or month, depending upon how often these services are needed.

If you need to add construction toilets to your work site, remember the above tips for making them safe, accessible, and useful.